Innercity Lighthouse Center

Our vision through the Innercity Lighthouse project is to change the South Bronx into a model community of hope, positive change, and economic growth.

Our goals

To empower the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in New York City through providing quality social empowerment and
academic resources.


Take care of your own needs and gain control of your future.

Gain new skills

Learn new vocational skills and unlock new opportunities and upward mobility.


Network confidently with our mentorship and job placement resources.

Our Programs

The community (South Bronx) has many resources for the underserved that temporarily solve problems (e.g. food pantries);however, our organization operates on the principle of providing a skillset to improve the socioeconomic standing for an


Future Horizon Program

The Future Horizon program is a 210 hours, six-month program that emphasizes job skill training in the trades industry.


Family counseling

We provide biblical based counseling, helping to mend relations between family members, spouses, parents, siblings. We will be providing parents and low income residents with day care services


GED Prep and educational courses

We host TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) classes and workshops. Raising the educational level of our community


Our wellness program promotes overall well being on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. We explore healthy relationships, intellectual development, and the value of self-discipline

Afterschool programs

We provide students with additional help on homework or class assignments


Housing Assistance

We have a 38,000 square foot location that we are currently raising funds for to build what will be a game changer in the South Bronx as well as the greater New York City area

Serve the community!

Innercity Lighthouse in the future would like to provide a full spectrum of resources for the underserved that will include afterschool programs, vocational programs tailored for high school students and training programs for community members returning to the workforce.